Discovery Credit Membership – 1 month – 5h – EN

5 March 2020

LegalUP Consulting Credit Membership

Discovery – 1 month, 5 hours


By filling out the form below you will subscribe to the selected offer (Discovery Credit Membership – 1 month, 5 hours). Upon completion of the different fields, you will be able to proceed with the payment (via Paypal or credit card). Once the payment has gone through, you will receive a confirmation email with the invoice associated with your purchase. We will then email you a pre-filled letter of commitment with all the information provided in the form. To complete the subscription process you will only need to return this letter signed.

For information purposes, you can find the template of the letter of commitment by clicking here.


Please keep in mind the following :

  • The given name and surname must be those of a person duly authorized to represent the organization.
  • The address, city, country, and postal code must be the company’s head office.
  • The field “State/Province” is only relevant if you are based in the US. If that is not the case, please fill in the field with “0”.
  • The CRN Company Registration Number refers to the number under which your company is registered.
  • The phone number and the email must allow us to contact a person duly authorized to represent the organization.


A password will be required as well, since your subscription will also allow you to have an account on our website (you will be able to log in through the connection page).

If you wish to pay with another currency, by check, in several installments, or if you are not subject to VAT, please contact us directly by clicking here.



Discovery Credit Membership - 1 month - 5h - EN | LegalUP Consulting