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LegalUP Consulting is an atypical law firm combining legal expertise and technical expertise for the promotion of responsible innovation. This unique identity is reflected in the varied and flexible offer of services as well as in the diverse and specialized profiles of our team.


Valérie Chavanne, a lawyer registered at the Paris Bar, took this initiative in 2017 after supporting the development of major groups in the media and new technologies sector in France and internationally as legal director and lobbyist. Valérie has surrounded herself with carefully selected experts who have skills complementary to hers and who share her values ​​to be part of the LegalUP Consulting team.



Package of services available in person & up to 100% online thanks to the alliance of Legal & Tech.



Any connected media, whenever and wherever you want.



Our experts bring out their best talents to work hand in hand with you.



Personalized and tailor-made assistance with an infallible search for creative solutions.



Contact us in a few clicks thanks to the dematerialization of our services.



In a constantly changing digital market we are always looking for new solutions in the wake of innovation. 

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Our vision, resolutely digital and international is focused on promoting responsible innovation.

We embrace digital transformation by acquiring new expertise, looking for more technical profiles such as cybersecurity experts or “tech lawyers” as well as opening up to dematerialized assistance.

LegalUP Consulting embodies the Legal & Tech, now inseparable.

Our ambition is to continue to contribute to the creation of regulations and industry best practices by offering new and better solutions in the wake of innovation.

We took an oath to advise and assist our clients to the best of our capacities. The acquisition of new skills is a form of renewal of this oath.


LegalUP Consulting is the result of lawyers and consultants with advanced technical expertise teaming up, sharing the same values ​​and the same ambition: ethical innovation.

Our mission is to facilitate the access to Legal & Tech experts by offering personal and pragmatic support while preserving fundamental human contact, thanks to the alliance of expertise, teams and unique services embodied by the accessibility to dematerialized assistance on demand. This multidisciplinary support is expected to expand with regulatory changes and as your needs evolve. Modular, it can take the form of an online assistance, telephone follow-up, face-to-face meeting, or a combination of the three to best meet your needs.

Welcome to our Legal & Tech world!

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International is in the DNA of LegalUP Consulting whose members work just as well in English and French, with an expertise in local laws (common law, European law etc).

It is not always easy to follow and understand, in certain matters like personal data protection and privacy, the multifaceted regulatory framework comprised of local, regional and international laws. LegalUP Consulting follows every development in real time and guides you through it.

To this end, LegalUP Consulting selects, for each client, the best experts in every country, in order to offer you tailor-made support, provided by the talented counsel who will work for you, in cooperation with your teams, for your compliance in a digital world without borders.





Prior to creating LegalUP Consulting, Valérie held the position of Legal and Public Affairs Director for Southern Europe and Public Director for the Middle East at Yahoo.

She has defined the legal and regulatory strategies of this company in a context of strong change and has made its voice heard by professional associations, regulators and public authorities.

Thanks to her expertise on sensitive technical topics such as the protection of privacy and personal data, she has become a reference on these topics for the digital market.

Valérie Chavanne wishes, as part of this liberal activity, to build on her in-house experience to offer pragmatic, personalized and creative advice to her clients on cutting-edge topics in a world she knows and understands, should it be in terms of technological constraints, legislative aspirations or industrial issues.



Quentin has acquired solid legal knowledge in business and intellectual property law during his studies at Sciences Po Law School.

At the same time, he has developed numerous technical skills in programming and cybersecurity. This combination of expertise allows him to be versatile in a world where legal actors can no longer ignore the issues raised by constant technological developments.



The LegalUP Consulting Alliance’s Umbrella is the result of meetings between people passionate about digitalisation who share the same ethos: being an actor of evolving and responsible innovation!

Technological transformation makes us grow daily. LegalUP Consulting felt naturally called to offer you multidisciplinary support adapted to your needs by relying on sharp skills mainly combining law, technology, politics and business. This Alliance’s Umbrella is an effective collaboration between the permanent staff of LegalUP Consulting and the partners with whom we have forged long-term strategic relationships. In any case, the LegalUP Consulting Alliance’s Umbrella guarantees you :

The provision of an efficient and flexible team by choosing partners who will work in perfect harmony: your “One-Stop-Shop”;

Ensuring immediate and aligned communication when working with one of our partners.

We, like you, are fascinated by innovation and are working to develop new services and new connections required by the inevitable emergence of the skills or trades of the future. If you want to explore possible synergies or join the Alliance’s Umbrella, contact us !

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