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Claims management process

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1. What is a claims’ management process?

You have a customer service department that handles, according to well-established procedures, in all cases, technical questions or questions related to the use of your products and / or services, but do not have dedicated team or a specific setup to deal with the sensitive situations that come out of these established procedures. Whatever the seriousness with which you run your organisation, it is essential to train your workforce to respond to these different claims following tailored procedures.


2. Why a should you have a claims’ management process ?

Often times certain claims, even the most benign, can be resolved beforehand with speed and professionalism so as to satisfy your clients but also to avoid any form of escalation likely to turn this claim into pre-litigation or even litigation. Well-documented procedures and a well-orchestrated Customer Service help prevent all kinds of negative consequences for your organisation, such as damage to your brand image, diminished results or penalising fines.


3. LegalUP Consulting’s service

LegalUP Consulting offers to set up your team or help you in this development by offering a service covering all the component of an efficient claims processing service. We provide you:

  • A standardised and adaptable documentation, allowing you to combine speed and flexibility (typical responses in the context of client authentication, authorisation or refusal of access to certain information in compliance with the regulations in force etc.).
  • Defined procedures, notably with regards to alerting and escalating, to douse certain potential issues before they emerge.
  • Customised training so that your teams make the best use of this documentation and these procedures whilst being able to develop them.

The process step by step

LegalUP Consulting’s service is delivered in three stages, with three calls (telephone or video-conference) allowing a personalised execution adapted to your needs:

First of all, we invite you to book an appointment for an initial call of 15 minutes. Appointments are made via an online calendar which you can access by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. During this first call, we will present the service offered by the firm, we’ll specify the first documents to send us for the smooth running of the service, and we’ll set a cost estimation that will be confirmed in writing as soon as possible.

We will also take advantage to respond to any eventual questions you may have about the service.

Following the first call, we will send you a quote, a link to make the payment and a letter of commitment that you must return signed by email. Upon receipt of the letter of commitment and confirmation of payment, we will start processing your request. To do this, a second call of 45 minutes will allow us to identify the specific needs of your organisation to deliver a tailor-made service. You may also book an appointment for this second call online, by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page, or via the link we will send you by email following our first call.

After a time period depending on your needs, we will get back to you via email for the execution of the service. You will also receive a link simultaneously which will enable you book an appointment for a third call of 15 minutes during which we will present you the result of our work in a detailed way and will submit you personalised recommendations.


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How to proceed ?

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