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 Preparatory Process towards Checks or Dawn Raids by a Data Protection Authority

Service description

1. The GDPR, from simple checks to dawn raids

The General Data Protection Regulation has substantially strengthened the legal obligations for companies regarding their processing of personal data. Given the important steps to take, it is obvious that many professionals are struggling or slow to comply and that the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL – France) as well as all national supervisory authorities under the umbrella of the EDPB (European Data Protection Board) suffer from an exponential number of complaints, which they are obliged to follow, often by proceeding to checks or dawn raids.The forms of inspection are gradual and can take the form of a document check, an online inspection, a hearing on summons or even an inspection of your premises commonly called dawn raid. Whatever the modalities of the scrutiny, it is essential to prepare yourself beforehand knowing that resistance is not an option and that improvisation is particularly complex in certain forms of inspections such as dawn raids.


2. Indispensable Preparedness Beforehand

When inspections are announced, it is wise to have anticipated all the tasks to be performed in order mobilise your entire workforce and specifically, all the people involved in the processing of personal data subject to control. In case of a dawn raid, it is essential to have a clear and solid process to manage this unexpected visit, which is particularly intrusive and sometimes destabilising for your staff, given the extent of the powers of the supervisory authority.


3. LegalUP Consulting’s service

LegalUP consulting assists you in the preparatory process for eventual inspections with adapted documentation such as a list of the tasks to be performed or in the implementation of a complete and operational process allowing you to better manage all forms of inspection including dawn raids. With a long experience in large organizations, LegalUP Consulting teams are well versed in the management of all forms of inspection, including dawn raids. The firm can also provide training to designated staff to manage these inspections or awareness training for all your employees on their rights, duties and the right attitudes to adopt in such cases. In the event of surprise visits, LegalUP undertakes to give you an emergency number to contact as soon as the inspectors arrive.


The process step by step

LegalUP Consulting’s service is delivered in three stages, with three calls (telephone or video-conference) allowing a personalised execution adapted to your needs:

First of all, we invite you to book an appointment for an initial call of 15 minutes. Appointments are made via an online calendar which you can access by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. During this first call, we will present the service offered by the firm, we’ll specify the first documents to send us for the smooth running of the service, and we’ll set a cost estimation that will be confirmed in writing as soon as possible.

We will also take advantage to respond to any eventual questions you may have about the service.

Following the first call, we will send you a quote, a link to make the payment and a letter of commitment that you must return signed by email. Upon receipt of the letter of commitment and confirmation of payment, we will start processing your request. To do this, a second call of 60 minutes will allow us to identify the specific needs of your organisation to deliver a tailor-made service. You may also book an appointment for this second call online, by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page, or via the link we will send you by email following our first call.

2 to 5 working days (flexible period defined by the parties in the case of complex requests) after the second call, we will get back to you via email for the execution of the service. You will also receive a link simultaneously which will enable you book an appointment for a third call of 30 minutes during which we will present you the result of our work in a detailed way and will submit you personalised recommendations.


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Preparatory Process towards Checks or Dawn Raids by a DPA